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Jun 24, 2019

Are you a trade show event marketer?  If you have achieved something unique for your company in face-to-face marketing, now is the time to nominate yourself to be an EXHIBITOR Magazine All-Star!  Travis Stanton, EXHIBITOR Editor, shares insights in this interview about EXHIBITOR including the All-Star Awards, how to get nominated and how it can impact your career.

All-Star Awards Overview

The annual All-Star Awardcelebrates corporate event planners who have contributed to their company’s trade show program by doing something that made a big impact.  Award winners have all not only overcome a challenge, they have the data to demonstrate measurable results.

This is an incredible opportunity to shine a light on your own achievements or something a friend or colleague has done.  If you have never won an Exhibitor award and are a trade show exhibit manager or corporate event manager, this is the perfect award for you!   Not only will you be featured in EXHIBITOR Magazine, you also receive a free one-day pass to EXHIBITORLIVE 2020!


7 Insider Facts About the EXHIBITOR All-Star Awards:

  1. Criteria to Win:The committee is looking for industry leaders who have achieved measurable results. Any challenge you faced-including the idea that “we can do better” and implemented a solution.
  2. How to Evaluate Your Accomplishments:Take a look at what you have accomplished.
  3. Past Winners Include:Trade Show Exhibitors who worked to create a measurement procedure, innovative event apps, overcome corporate mergers to create more efficiencies with their program.
  4. How To Get Nominated:You can self-nominate or an agency can nominate a client, or have a colleague nominate you.
  5. Who Wins:Your program doesn’t have to be big to win.“Small companies to big budgets and everything in between have been past winners.  "Clever, DIY solutions that not only save money or increase leads can win”-Travis Stanton
  6. Being in the CTSM Program can help:You don’t have to be in the CTSM program but it might help you to think of your best practices that you have done to apply.
  7. How much does it cost:It is free to submit your awards entry.

Favorite Resource:  Travis shared the best way to find inspiration-go check out trade shows outside of your industry.  You can look at local fairs, festivals, museums and other places if you aren’t able to travel to a show. You will be surprised how much you see can be applied to your program.

You can find Travis on LinkedIn and at ExhibitorOnline and EXHIBITOR LinkedIn group.  Subscribe to the e-newsletter and the magazine for news in the industry.

This is your time, if you have accomplished a measurable success for your trade show program.  Complete the online entry form and see where this will take you!  And if you have any questions about this episode, reach out to me, I love hearing from you!

Editing Credits: As always, a big thanks to Christy Haussler with Team Podcast for editing this episode.