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Sep 9, 2019

Do you want to get promoted or lead a global organization? Cathy Breden, Executive Vice President and COO at IAEE and CEIR shares the core principles of what it is like to go outside of her comfort zone every day, travel the world and create incredible impact for the trade show industry.   Many listeners ask about next steps in your career and Cathy shares key insights not only about her career, but also the state of the trade show industry, future trends, resources you can use from CEIR and so much more.

5 Career and Trade Show Industry Insights:

  1. Find the right place to work. Cathy shares how IAEE offered a great family friendly workplace that gave her work-life balance and the ability to get promoted.
  2. See the World from global perspective. Looking forward regardless of the situation with China and trade wars, business is moving east - by the year 2050 economic power will be between India and China.
  3. Use research to make decisions.  CEIR looks at economic performance back to the 2000 and creates a forecast three years out. Using this resource, associations and marketers can understand where our industry is going in the future.
  4. Advocate for important protections for event planners and associations.  IAEE helps to advocate on key issues like the online booking scam and is helping to promote key legislation to help end hackers from falsely creating hotel registration sites with two pieces of legislation in congress.
  5. Discover industry trends and take action.  CEIR is a resource that includes surveys in all industries and finds out what corporate heads of marketing are thinking, what channels they will be using in the future and budget plans. These insights are valuable to marketers, suppliers and associations alike.

For more information about IAEE and CEIR visit the website and check out the IAEE event calendar and CEM program.  Certification program has 11 modules and you need 9 to be certified.

A special thanks to Cathy Breden for being on the show and also for being on a panel about Exhibitions day which will be featured in a future episode.

Editing Credits: Special thanks to Christy Haussler at Team Podcast for editing this episode.