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Jun 17, 2019

If you love the trade show event industry and want to have an impact-then Exhibitions Day is an event you should consider attending to have your voice heard.   Diane Benson, Diamond CTSM, shares her first-time experience at Exhibitions Day representing HCEA through IAEE in Washington D.C. on June 4thand 5th.  Find out in this interview what it was like to go to Capitol Hill, meet with representatives and have the chance to share important information about our 97-billion-dollar industry.

4 Key Pillars to Help the Trade Show Industry at Exhibitions Day

Exhibitions Day has four primary topics that they bring to Capitol Hill to help grow our industry:

  1. Investing in America’s Transportation Infrastructure: “According to the World Economic Forum, the U.S. ranks ninth in the world in infrastructure quality. Inadequate supply of infrastructure is one of our top 10 most problematic factors for doing business.”- Exhibitions Day. The goal is to make it easier to travel within the United States for all using our roads, trains, and air travel.
  2. Secure Travel Partnership Act of 2019 (H.R. 1996): “In 2017, 23 million travelers arrived in the U.S. from Visa Wavier Program countries and generated $190 billion in economic activity. Visitors from the 38 countries that participate help generates a $77 billion trade surplus for the U.S.” - Exhibitions Day. Change the name of the current Visa Waiver Act to make it easier for 38 countries to visit the United States for business.
  3. JOLT Act of 2019 (H.R. 2187): “Overview: Over 1.2 million jobs across America are directly supported by international inbound travel. For the U.S. to grow that number as well as regain and increase our share of the global travel market, it is important to improve and expand the programs we currently have in place.”-Exhibitions Day. The hope is to increase the opportunity for more countries to visit the United States for our trade shows.
  4. Protecting Brand USA: Reinstate the budget for marketing outside of the United States to help drive businesses to attend and participate in the trade show industry.“The marketing ROI previously was 28:1-every $1 Brand USA spent on marketing generated $28 in spend by international visitors.”-Exhibitions Day

2 Reasons You Should Sign Up:

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  2. Get Involved and Have Your Voice Heard: It matters to get more attendees to our exhibitions and grow our industry.

Want to learn more? Check out HCEAConnectAugust 17th-20thin Miami, FL, where I will be interviewing Diane Benson live about #ExhibitionsDay!

Diane’s Favorite Resources: HCEA, Exhibitor Magazine, CTSM

Where to find Diane Benson:Twitterand LinkedIn

A big thanks to Diane Benson for being on the show and sharing her insights and information to help empower our listeners.

Editing Credits: As always, a big thanks to Christy Haussler and Team Podcast.

Exhibitus participates in Exhibitions Day and feels it is an important responsibility to share our support.