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Jul 15, 2019

What does happiness at work feel like for you?  I ask that because if you are a marketer in face-to-face marketing, our hours can be demanding, sometimes even grueling.  Whether you are new or experienced-doing trade shows gives joy to many people. And for the lucky ones-you not only like doing it-you love it.

I had an experience filled with joy that made me think of happiness and why culture combined with passion makes a great place to work and yes-even happiness.  We are working on a project requiring us to gather pet photos. In a brainstorming the creative around what we wanted to share-our designer Phoebe had the bold idea of emailing our entire company and asking for photos. 

Imagine receiving an email that said “send us your pet photos-in the next 30 minutes”! There had to be a time limit, both to encourage people to take action and also so the project could be completed.  Within only a few minutes sending that message, photos started flooding our inboxes. Phoebe and I were screen sharing and looking at each photo, laughing and commenting on how many pets our wonderful Exhibitus family has.  In just 30 minutes we had well over 90 photos…and counting.  There were cats, dogs, a bunny and even a hedgehog.

How does this relate to happiness?  In that moment of joy looking at the lives of people I work with, some of whom I hadn’t met personally, I was awe struck.  Without hesitation, the entire company mobilized and sent their photos.  Even people who were out of the office in transit, stopped, and sent in photos.

And…in a small way, seeing a glimpse of people’s lives, the passion shared for pets, our company people and ultimately the client we were doing this for, it was pure joy.

Now back to the question-what does happiness look like for you?  Do you feel joy in your work?  If the answer is yes-that is awesome!!  But if you wonder-would my company and employees drop everything and respond en-masse or mobilize the way I described here for a worthy cause-and you are unsure, it is time to open the door and create your own blissful experience at work.

Five Ways To Create Joy in Your Career

  1. Find a cause you care about. Many of your companies already do social responsibility projects-or have days of service.  Exhibitus is super active in that regard, and it builds teams, and allows employees to meet each other when they otherwise would not.  Check out this live interview at a CSR project for HCEA.   If your company doesn’t offer CSR-no problem you can create something new and start a trend!
  2. Be grateful and share it forward. Gratitude starts not only by being thankful but also it is about paying attention.  Do one simple thing that brings joy to another person-take bagels in to work-invite someone you don’t know to lunch.  Share your grateful sentiment with someone at work and watch how it blossoms.
  3. Discover what you love best-and do more of that.Sounds simple enough but the reality is, we often focus on what we don’t like and try to get better at it instead of doing more of what fills up our cup.  Close your eyes, imagine if you could do anything in your role right now what would it be?  Share that information with your team, your boss and others. 
  4. Collaborate with people that have similar values.In our industry, agency partners like Exhibitus, we are proud of the experiences that we create and the journey it takes to achieve results for clients who are able to show that value to their leadership.  Our goal is to offer an experience for clients who appreciate being able to show results and having fun in the process. Finding joy happens inside your organization and also with the people you have the opportunity to work with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  5. Look back, look forward and be present. Thinking about goals-a lot of advice, and even interview questions, focus on “Where do you want to be in 5 years or 10 years”. In our fast-paced world, instead of focusing on the years-take a look at the reality of the past, future and present. What in the past really fired you up and gave you enjoyment?  Can you see that same excitement when you look into the future?  And how about today…do you feel it?  If not, it is time to make an assessment and a plan.

As you listened today, was there an aha moment?  Here is your chance to take action.  I recently read a suggestion of keeping a note pad for a week and writing down what you love and what you don’t on paper.  At the end of the week-take stock and move towards the things that you found inspiring, that will move your needle forward to that future you imagine.

It is my sincere hope that you really love what you do.  This podcast is dedicated to lifting you up and empower you to be bold and dream big. If you have a great story to share like the one I did here-reach out to me at Rock Your trade Show.  I am always grateful to hear from you and offer tips and advice.

Credits: As always, a big thanks to Christy Haussler at Team Podcastfor editing this episode!