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Rock Your Trade Show: Inspiring interviews with Industry Insiders, Executive Leaders, Marketers and Influencers who share their insights, challenges and lessons learned so you can rock Your next trade show.

Do you need to achieve results your marketing program and win leadership buy-in by showing results in what you do at work?

On a personal level- Do you wish you had better work-life balance? Are you building your career path and need a personal network? If this sounds familiar…then this podcast is just for you! Get all the practical tools and advice you need to rock your marketing program, create your personal brand and even get promoted at work. After listening to this podcast, you will feel empowered to achieve success and take action.

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Apr 22, 2019

Have you been wondering how to demonstrate value past the obvious metrics of your program so leadership, and more importantly your boss sees your contribution to the organization?  So often marketers are truly the unsung shero or hero of their trade show program. 

When a trade show, event or program goes flawlessly, it is taken for granted that it is as we like to say at Exhibitus-Easy as Pie.  But you know how many moving parts there are-and want to share that without feeling like you are bragging right?  First-it isn’t showing off if you are successful at your job-it is giving your organization something they need a way to boost the bottom line.

And yet-why is it that you might feel stuck, not able to get traction and recognition?  Here are some possible reasons and then 5 ways you can remove obstacles and break free to move up in your organization. 

3 Common Pitfalls of Perception:

  1. Busy doesn’t mean efficient. In an interview with Jodi Devlin, who is now a CEO, she perceives constant work as evidence of not being able to get work done efficiently.  While it may be perceived that leaders appreciates hard work-are looking for streamlined processes.  Look for ways to reduce those late-night hours.
  2. Meeting job requirements isn’t reason enough for recognition. I once had a boss say that he was raised with the belief if you are doing your job that is meeting the baseline of your job-and doesn’t earn a promotion.  It is doing the exceptional over and above that gets recognition and not before you high vault above that bar.
  3. I don’t need help. If you are resistant relying on team members, or your partners for support because you believe it somehow shows your organization that you are mindful of budgets-guess again.  Going back to the first item on this list-using resources make sure you are using available resources to increase your efficiency so you can focus on ways to demonstrate the value you add to your organization.

Not all of you fall into these traps of wanting to show value-and that is great!!  If you said this is not me-high five!  Now for the part that you we all need-how can we can we increase value and elevate our contribution within the organization.

5 Tips to Boost your Visibility and Get Promoted

  1. Link all goals and objectives for every program to the corporate goals. For example, in an interview with Marcia Deem, the Exhibitor Allstar winner-she had specific sales goals for the company and devised an innovative solution to reach those goals.
  2. Level up the conversation. Meet with finance, procurement and other areas and find out what they need to shine-helping others within the organization show results will not only boost impressions it also makes you more marketable for cross functional opportunities.
  3. Identify and Solve challenges. Every marketing program has challenges-whether it is budget reductions, lead management follow up, attendee targeting, there are always one or two areas that come up on post event internal surveys.  Look at trends and devise a solution.  Unsure how to do this?  Tap into your network and ask for advice.  If you aren’t yet a member of the Exhibitor Online community-join the LinkedIn group-or you can join our Rock Your Trade Show LinkedIn group and ask the experts in our private group for advice.
  4. Track successes and demonstrate to your boss. Many of you have one on one’s with your boss.  In those discussions make sure you always take examples of how you solved a challenge and stakeholder feedback.  Remind them of your initiatives and how they help improve key goals-efficiencies, value, increased sales whatever they are show that your program is aligning to the overarching goals and solving key challenges faced by stakeholders.
  5. Find your blue ocean and own it. Recently there was an article about the exhibit industry that stated there really aren’t any new trends to share.  It was an interesting observation but it also raised the need more than ever to look for a new innovation and set the trend.  If you aren’t familiar with “Blue Ocean Strategy” there is an excellent book that highlights how to stand out and create a market innovation in an unexpected way. 

A favorite story from the book is about Cirque du Soleil.  That company changed the conversation and elevated the circus experience, moving away from animals and focusing on people.  The result-a hugely successful entertainment enterprise that commands high priced ticket sales in multiple cities. 

That example has stuck with me and was a contributing influence for this podcast.  Before Rock Your Trade Show, there wasn’t a podcast that focused on empowering women marketers in the trade show industry.  Market research, interviews with onsite exhibit managers, directors and product managers showed that there was a need to help you specifically in your career. 

What do you think would be your blue ocean-it doesn’t have to be a huge life altering change?  It can be something simple that relates to market share and how you are increasing the piece of the pie for your organization.  If you are a destination booth-meaning your brand is iconic and attendees will automatically come to you to see what’s new-think about how you could change the experience unexpectedly for your staff and attendees that fosters collaboration for example.

 Even if you are a known brand-going into a new vertical may present you with being the unknown entity.  Perhaps you are trying out the waters in an inline whereas in the primary market you have a large island how can you create your blue ocean-that makes people talk about their experience and encourages them to talk about you?  For insights about how to do this-check out episode 59 with Glenda Brungardt.

And if you are looking for help on any of the tips mentioned today, reach out to me, I love hearing from you and helping you achieve success with your trade show program and career.