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Jul 8, 2019

Are you looking to take your experience on the show floor to a new level?  Whether you are an association or trade show manager, IAEE-International for Exhibitions and Events-has the resources to boost your industry knowledge and enhance results for exhibitors, associations and attendees.  In this second interview with Randy Bauler,CEM and Corporate Relations & Exhibits Director at American Association of Critical-Care Nurses(AACN),we discuss how beneficial IAEE is and ways you can get involved.

IAEE has been around since 1928 when it was the National Association of Exposition Managers when it represented “the interests of trade show and exposition managers, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events® is the leading association for the global exhibition industry. Today IAEE represents over 12,000 individuals in 50 countries who conduct and support exhibitions around the world.”

Whether you are an association or exhibitor, Randy shares key insights in this interview.

5 Ways to Get Involved with IAEE:

  1. Join a local chapter. Members have the opportunity to network, socialize and learn about the industry.
  2. Get Your CEM. If you’re an association, exhibitor or industry partner, IAEE offers great courses that will help you.  There are twelve modules and candidates need to complete 9 to receive the CEM.
  3. Take a backstage tour. Local chapters offer an insider view behind the scenes at conference centers around the country.  Whether you are a veteran or new to the industry this is a unique opportunity to learn more about how events happen.
  4. Take a Course.If getting your CEM isn’t for you, take one or two courses.  Randy describes his course Exhibition and Event Sales where you will learn:
  • Attendance marketing, contractor/supplier relationship programs. Specialty exhibit sales
  • Tactics-to get people sign up for a show
  • Help advance space selection
  • General selling techniques
    • Overcome objections
    • Put together sales plan
    • Basics of selling
    • Specifics-how do you put together an exhibitor prospectus, whatever selling opportunities do you sell
  • Attend Expo ExpoDecember 3-5, 2019 in Las Vegas.It is an opportunity to network, take CEM and more at the national level.

Favorite Resource:  Randy shares in addition to HCEA (Healthcare Convention and Exhibitor’s Association) and IAEE, he recommendsCEIR-Center for Exhibition Industry Research, which is part of IAEE and is a tremendous resource for data. For more insights, check out Episode 57 CEIR Industry Trends with Nancy Drapeau.

You can reach Randy Bauler Randy.bauler@aacn.organd at AACN-check out the exhibits page.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved with IAEE or have questions about any of the information here, reach out to me, I love hearing from you!

Credits:As always, a big thanks to Christy Haussler at Team Podcastfor editing this episode.