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Rock Your Trade Show: Inspiring interviews with Industry Insiders, Executive Leaders, Marketers and Influencers who share their insights, challenges and lessons learned so you can rock Your next trade show.

Do you need to achieve results your marketing program and win leadership buy-in by showing results in what you do at work?

On a personal level- Do you wish you had better work-life balance? Are you building your career path and need a personal network? If this sounds familiar…then this podcast is just for you! Get all the practical tools and advice you need to rock your marketing program, create your personal brand and even get promoted at work. After listening to this podcast, you will feel empowered to achieve success and take action.

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Mar 9, 2020

This is the 100th episode of this podcast.  I am incredibly grateful to each of you for listening!  Three years ago, I didn’t know where this blue ocean strategy would lead to but I did know one thing: Women Marketers needed a voice and way to feel valued.  That still holds true perhaps even more today than 3 years...

Mar 2, 2020

The exhibit industry has evolved to have more women in it however there is still gender pay gaps, and many of us feel alone which is why we need the Women in Exhibitions group.  Katina Rigall Zipay and Jen LaBruzza share how they first got involved with Women in Exhibitions and how the organization has evolved to offer...