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Rock Your Trade Show: Inspiring interviews with Industry Insiders, Executive Leaders, Marketers and Influencers who share their insights, challenges and lessons learned so you can rock Your next trade show.

Do you need to achieve results your marketing program and win leadership buy-in by showing results in what you do at work?

On a personal level- Do you wish you had better work-life balance? Are you building your career path and need a personal network? If this sounds familiar…then this podcast is just for you! Get all the practical tools and advice you need to rock your marketing program, create your personal brand and even get promoted at work. After listening to this podcast, you will feel empowered to achieve success and take action.

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Dec 30, 2019

Have you been thinking about advancing your career in 2020?  Listen to this episode from 5 industry experts, Melanie Neal, Dawn Will, Ann Carter, Anne Trompeter and Marcia Deem who provide insights about staying relevant, how to get promoted, collaborating with procurement, networking and getting results for leadership....

Dec 16, 2019

Do you have a challenge in your life and think it is too big to solve?  Maybe you want to change jobs but don’t think the timing is right, or have a budget challenge for your program and think you have to eliminate shows that you know your company should attend.  Whatever your situation, using this phrase by...

Dec 2, 2019

"If we don't give a voice to this, who will?" Randy Acker asked on this panel at HCEAConnect about Exhibitions Day.  Have you ever considered how you can impact the $97 Billion Exhibitions Industry?  Trade Shows in the U.S. represent more business than the meat industry, the gaming industry and so many more industries...