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Jan 28, 2019

Have you ever had a conversation that had so many insights you wanted to take notes? Then you will want to list to this interview with Melanie Neal, a Vice President who is a creative problem solver, inclusive leader, organizational innovator and customer advocate.  Melanie shares incredible wisdom that is not only uplifting but actionable and will immediately impact your career.

11 Innovative Leadership Tips To Move Your Career Forward

  1. Look for variety in the roles you take on at work. Melanie shares how a willingness to learn and being open to what an opportunity might present is the best way to be seen as a versatile leader and gain transferable skills.
  2. Seize an opportunity and choose not to have all the boxes checked.

“Why would you want to go for a job where you didn’t have the opportunity to learn something new or for professional growth?”     – Melanie Neal

  1. Timing doesn’t always work the way you think it should. Be ready to adapt to external and internal conditions and “push towards something that is better and bring people along with you”.
  2. To be a good leader you must be willing to pause, listen and understand a situation. Followed by being open, transparent and proactive with communication to your team.  The worst thing that happens with change is no change at all and people questioning-why do we still have this issue.
  3. When faced with a challenging situation be open minded and prepared and ask “What does the data show us”. If you are presenting to leadership or stakeholders have the data to back up your recommendation.
  4. If a problem comes up, remember not to take it personally. This takes practice and the more you can look at a situation without “natural bias” the more prepared you will be to see the full picture.
  5. The only constant is change. Ask yourself if you are in a progressive company “Are there things I need to do to adapt” and find a way to be a leader during times of change.
  6. Choose a word for 2019 and live it. For Melanie, she chose relevance because of the importance to be resilient and flexible ahead of time.
  7. Change how people see you by understanding your company’s goals. Determine if you are aligned with those goals and how can you contribute to achieving them.
  8. Be proactive to increase your visibility. Set up weekly updates with your boss to demonstrate your contribution and strategic thinking as it relates to the overall goals of your organization.
  9. Embrace advice through mentorship. Both the mentor and mentee have a lot to gain by working together.  A mentor can provide value to be there and support, push you out on that limb and provide safety harness, I believe in you, I know you can do it.

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” Mark Twain

Consider being a Mentor-it is an opportunity to share, give back and have a significant impact on someone’s career.

If you are looking to gain visibility with your marketing program and want to get promoted reach out to me, I love hearing from you!

Melanie’s Two Favorite Resources:

Women’s Leadership: The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

Daily Leadership News: HBR Daily

As always, a big thanks to Christy Haussler and Team Podcast for editing this episode!