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Mar 12, 2018

Wishing you could attend all of the sessions at #ExhibitorLive?  This interview is with session speaker Glenda Brungardt, CTSM, Global Event Manager at HP.  Glenda shares amazing tips that span budgets, measurement to working with unions.  Glenda describes “’s no longer about a demo on the show floor, it’s about figuring out what is the customer experience like when they visit HP.”  She describes what it's like being a destination exhibit, hosting user conferences and being new to a market.  The key is to find time saving strategies that will help you focus on what really matters for your trade show program.

5 Tips to Advance Your Event Marketing Strategy

  1. Be true to your brand. Think about what is your brand solution, and what it is that you want the attendee to interact with so that you can have a conversation with that person.
  2. One size doesn’t fit all. The biggest thing you need to do is listen to stakeholders so you can come back with a solution that fits their unique need.
  3. Decisions need to be more than cost per lead. Look at other areas that show return it isn’t only about sales sometimes it is about exposure and how attendees experience your brand.
  4. Develop a system based on the history of your program. Streamline 80% of the tactical side of the event so the focus is on the 20% that creates an individual experience.
  5. Understand the union jurisdiction in the venue city.  Glenda teaches people what an “exhibitor bill of rights” can do and the benefit to organizations when they know the potential of what is in their power to do.

Final thoughts: “You have love what you do, knowing you are o.k. with the travel schedule…and this is an industry that is all about relationships.”  

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HP uses this Smart Sheet

Glenda can be contacted on LinkedIn.

Credits: Thanks as always to Christy Haussler at Team Podcast for editing this episode.