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Jan 8, 2018

Are you looking to take your healthcare trade show program to a new level this year?  Listen to 10 industry insiders in this Best-In-Show episode.  Whether you need to find your “why” for being in healthcare marketing, or want your sales reps to boost their engagement with attendees, this episode includes inspirational advice from trade show exhibit leaders and associations.  

10 Experts Share Trade Show Marketing Ideas

1.Carol Fields, Senior Manager, Congress Management Edwards Lifesciences

'Why' Healthcare Exhibiting “It is one of those industries, where even though people are with companies that are bought and sold often times you find people on the other and maybe you were on the exhibit company side, and now you are on the vendor side.  People try to stay in this industry any way they can.”

2. Stacy McManus, Director, Corporate Alliances & Exhibition        Operations at American Thoracic Society

How Associations Use Technology to Help Exhibitors “We added Beacon technology in attendee badges with heat            mapping and are able to provide more precise demographic            information of who is in the hall and where are they going.”

3. Christine DiDomenico, Event Marketing Strategist, Contractor, Freelancer

Proven Strategy to Win Leadership Approval  “I took one piece of paper, after collecting the issues and put them in 3 buckets, Must Do, Nice to Have and Out of the Box…having it simply on one page made a big difference…over a period of time we ended up executing almost all ideas you can see how they all beautifully integrated together.”

NeKeta Argrow, Senior Manager Event Operations & Strategy at American Express Global Business Travel

What You Need to Do to Become a Speaker “If you want to be involved in a speaking opportunities it is really about networking and not being afraid to ask the question.  If you go to a conference and you feel there is a topic that is compelling when you get the notification for papers, submit a topic.”

Sue Huff, Director Global Conventions at Medtronic, Inc.

Managing Teams during a Merger “The most important thing, the legacy company take off previous hats, take the best of the best and look at all the processes we have.  When we brought the team together we had a meeting within 2 weeks, let’s share your current process, learn from it, what cool things are you doing and use as an organization.”

 Cindy McCormick, Associate Director, Convention Marketing at Novo Nordisk

Creating a Pop-Up Sales Territory: "This is a new field, it is only active for 3 days, it is like a new territory, here are your sales goals…you make it fun for them and they want to win.”

Gregg Lapin, Director of Meeting Services at American Association of Diabetes Educators, President-elect HCEA

Attendee Collaboration: “Attendees want to learn, touch and feel.  We are seeing more and more hands on demos for devices, apps, and technology.”

Don Schmid, Lead Global Congresses at Pfizer

International Exhibiting: “The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is Europe’s new data protection privacy law for Europe is not just for healthcare there are 27 countries participating.  There are major penalties for violating the law…with fines up to 4% of your gross revenues.”

Janet Aguhob, Senior Conventions Planner at Allergan

What Governs Healthcare Marketing:  “A good place to start are the big 3, the OPDP (Office of Prescription Drug Program), the second is the PhRMA code and the last is Physician Payment Sunshine Act. All three of these govern all of healthcare marketing and we need to deal with them on a daily basis.”

Laine Mann, Director Global Congresses at Pfizer and HCEA President-elect

Tapping Into Your Brave: “It was a very difficult decision, but it happened very quickly…within a 3 week period, I got a Visa, packed up my life and moved alone to go to Australia for a year”. Find out what happened next in this interview.

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Gratitude:  A big thanks to Carol Fields, Stacy McManus, Christine DiDomenico, NeKeta Argrow, Sue Huff, Don Schmid, Gregg Lapin, Janet Aguhob and Laine Mann for sharing their advice, insights and inspiration!

Credits:  Thank you to the amazing Christy Haussler and Team Podcast for editing this