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Jan 1, 2018

Are you looking at your career goals to achieve the best year ever? In this interview, Roz Usheroff talks about 7 deadly traps that really limit us from achieving our true potential. We don’t always realize how we limit ourselves, opportunities and future with actions and thoughts that get in our way of achieving success. Roz shares her expertise of working with Fortune 500 companies worldwide applies how she helps her clients to the advice and insights in this interview. This is your time, feel inspired, stop falling into these traps and unleash your true potential!

How to Recognize and Banish 7 Deadly Traps

  1. The Superwoman Trap. Women in this trap own the belief that they must be all things to everyone.  They continually set new goals and standards, raising the bar daily for themselves.  There is no such word as “no” because they believe that they can do the impossible.  Burnout is high for women in this trap.
  2. The Good Girl/Likability Trap. Women have a strong desire to be liked by others and often seek the support of others, inserting into their conversation approval-seeking phrases such as; “Okay? Ya know? Right? Do you agree?”  Women will also use apologetic words to be liked.  “I’m sorry” seems to be a common language with this trap.
  3. The Opinion Trap. A carry-over of the Likability Trap is the Opinion trap.  Many women soften their message by expressing it as their ‘Opinion’ and not as fact or a firmly held belief.  Fearing what will happen if they say how they truly feel about a subject or share fully their thoughts or opinions, for fear they will be rejected. 
  4. The Bossy Trap. Women often worry that if they are too assertive, they would be described as bossy - or worse, aggressive. Women are often reluctant to be seen as too assertive, fearing that we will be perceived negatively.  Because women also worry about being too pushy, they wait for it to be their turn to speak, which often limits an opportunity to promote their idea, service or product. 
  5. The Dr. Jekyll and Ms. /Mr. Hyde Trap. Women have the tendency to take things too personally, emotionally react (internally or externally) resulting in loss of credibility.   For example, at the beginning of a meeting, a woman will demonstrate calm, poise, enthusiasm, etc. – all positive traits.  However, if the same woman is made to feel devalued, her mood and demeanor changes dramatically.  This may result in her withdrawing, appearing aloof, or annoyed, confrontational and defensive.  This behavior will cause her to be viewed as “emotional” rather than professional. 
  6. The Perfectionist Trap. Women who fall into this trap set standards that can never be met. They are never satisfied unless they do everything with perfection.  They judge others in a similar fashion. Because perfection is not always clearly defined, these women live with the expectation that perfection is the way to live life.
  7. The Imposter Trap. Notwithstanding expertise, experience and wisdom, women live with the fear that they are imposters and their inadequacies will be exposed one day. This causes them to worry about being humiliated, demoted or terminated. As a result, a woman may not take a stand for what she believes in, speak up with confidence or take greater initiative in meetings.  Worse yet, women don't apply for new career opportunities unless they feel they have 100% of all the qualifications.

Recognize yourself in any of these traps?  Don’t worry!  Listen to the full interview and hear how you can overcome them and move forward this year and become empowered.

Take Action!  New Year, New You-Art of Wow with Roz Usheroff.  There is limited space, and if you act now you may be one of the lucky ones to walk away with an incredible new outlook for 2018.

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Roz Usheroff has appeared on national television - NBC, CBC, BTV and has authored three books, the most recent, “THE FUTURE OF YOU: Creating your Enduring Brand”.  Her greatest joy is in coaching women on how to toot their own horn with presence and confidence and position themselves for success.

I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to Roz for providing the content for this episode and blog post!

Thank you as always to Christy Haussler and Team Podcast for editing this episode.