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Nov 27, 2017

Are you looking to use storytelling to communicate messages about your products or services?  Listen to this episode with Miri Rodriguez, Microsoft Storyteller for IT Showcase. Miri shares how you can connect with customers on a deeper more meaningful level using story. Microsoft has 4,000 Storytellers worldwide which is nearly 5% of their employees and they have a Storytelling Summit to share best practices together.

If you want to try storytelling but aren't sure where to start, this interview will give you the blueprint to get started and a little more!

7 Storytelling Tips to Accelerate Customer Connections

  1. Visualize your audience to make an instant connection. Whether you are speaking to one person or one thousand each person will be drawn in when they feel you connect with them.
  2. Bring a local element into the conversation. If you are meeting with someone for the first time, or are on the trade show floor with an attendee, or delivering a keynote-include a personal experience about the area you are in to engage with the audience whether it is one person or hundreds of people
  3. Use a personal story to share product solutions. Instead of identifying the problem (the what), include stories from the people behind a product and describe their “why” for wanting to solve a customer’s challenge.  The person listening will relate and feel like the solution relates to them.
  4. On the trade show floor story will help to create interest. The promise of the story is that it leads someone in: “Can I share with you something you haven’t heard about…” and tell the person/audience unexpected information.
  5. Every Story needs 5 elements, Central Character, Suspense, Foreshadowing, Surprise and a Conclusion. The best story invites the central character (your audience) to make the conclusion their own.
  6. Make the customer the central Character of the story. The person listening will become immersed in the story when they see themselves in it.
  7. The journey of a story ends with a great conclusion.  The central character making the conclusion their own. When the person you are speaking to immerses themselves so much that they draw their own conclusion the story was successful.

Telling stories is an art and takes practice.  Miri recommends her mentor James Whittaker as a resource to help provide information you can use.

Connect with Miri Rodriguez on LinkedIn and on Twitter @MiriRod.

Credits: A big thanks to Christy Haussler and Team Podcast for editing this episode!