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Oct 16, 2017

Have you wanted to show an innovative idea but weren’t sure how to get it approved? Lesly Marban, Chief Marketing Officer of Medline Industries, Inc. shares key insights in this interview on how her company approaches marketing over 350,000 products including why starting with the customer’s needs first is so important. Find out how to innovate and communicate effectively to sales, get ideas approved with leadership and create content that gets remembered in this interview.

7 Unique Ways to Market to Internal and External Customers

  1. Always start by placing the customer’s needs first. Whether your company has many products or one, the marketing approach is more effective when you work backwards from the customer to the products.
  2. Use experts to provide customer insights.  In a changing industry like healthcare, it is important to have people who understand customer behaviors and also what the overall landscape looks like for things like reimbursement and trends in the marketplace.
  3. Deliver marketing information in a consumable format. Lesly shared how she discovered the benefit of using a podcast to share information with the salesforce. 
  4. Communicate product information using video. When employees see products being used or hear testimonials they retain the information.
  5. Create a unique experience for company events. One way to make a national sales meeting more memorable is to have a fun theme for employees. Lesly gave an example of employees and their families were able to share in the experience.
  6. Get approvals faster by knowing your audience. Talk with key stakeholders before making a presentation and find out who carries weight in making decisions and who might be a detractor. Align yourself before the presentation with an advocate who can help move your idea forward behind the scenes.
  7. Win leadership support with a proof of concept. It is always better to test out something on a small sale first.  When you are able to demonstrate the impact of an idea, engagement or strategy, there will be a greater chance that the idea will be approved on a bigger scale.                                                                                                                    Favorite Resource: Four Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney and Sean Covey on managing a big team.  For more information about Medline Industries:

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