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Oct 9, 2017

If you are a marketer or association this interview is the perfect guide to finding out how you can collaborate to really amplify your results at your next show.  Gregg Lapin, Director of Meetings at the American Association of Diabetes Educators is also the President-elect of HCEA (Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association) and he shares a unique perspective of how to maximize trade show effectiveness through exposure to best practices.  Find out how you can take your program or next show to a whole new level.

7 Ways to Maximize Your Results by Joining an Association

  1. Collaboration is key to effectively working together. The attendee experience is better when exhibitors and associations find ways to deliver value together.
  2. Give and get feedback by attending an industry event. For healthcare exhibitors, attending a program like HCEAConnect offers a unique opportunity for associations to gain access to their top exhibiting companies and for exhibitors to offer feedback on what is working and what can be done differently to improve the experience.
  3. Experience the newest technology trends. Whether you are the innovator or seeking information the best place to find what works is at an industry event.  Gregg finds he always has something new he can try at his event after experiencing it at HCEAConnect.
  4. Expand your personal network to be inclusive of exhibitors and associations. Often exhibitors may not realize all of the sponsorships available or added value that can be promoted at a trade show without engaging with the association.  Attending
  5. Best practices are meant to be shared. Association managers and corporate marketers discover what each are doing that is working and also things that didn’t work to help everyone be more successful in the future.
  6. Volunteer to take your experience to a whole new level. If you are hesitant to get involved, Gregg suggests you should “try it you… might like it and the more you put in the more you will get out of it.”
  7. Sponsorships revealed to exhibitors who engage with associations. Meeting in person at an industry event gives marketers the chance to find out what might be offered “on the published menu” and show how your company can leverage exposure at a specific show.

The American Diabetes Educators (AADE) show includes 5,500 attendees and has over 189 companies from PhRMA, Medical Device, Technology, and Food as exhibitors.  AADE has an integrated approach for attendees from across different disciplines and is includes includes other associations like American Diabetes Association, JDRF, ACE, American Dental and American Association of Ophthalmology. 

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