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Aug 28, 2017

Have you wanted to gain experience or give back by volunteering but hesitated because of the time commitment?  Amy Lotz, Executive Director for the Healthcare Exhibitors and Convention Association (HCEA) was interviewed live at HCEAConnect and shares how the association is engaging with members in a new way by offering Micro-Volunteering. 

If you want to get more experience in your career, and are an Association or want to give back but have limited time this is the episode for you! 

Best Practices And Inside Tips from HCEA and HCEAConnect

Micro-Volunteering- Small Time Commitment with Big Rewards

  • Gain career experience by trying out smaller time commitment activities like social media posting
  • Get involved with a CSR project onsite to give back and network.
  • Volunteer during the conference. It is an excellent way to meet new people.
  • HCEA offers volunteers a first-timer match up where current members reach out to first-time attendees and connect with them onsite
  • Become a Round Table Leader and help attendees share ideas
  • Try something new and gain experiential leadership. It is a great way to explore something outside of your scope to see if you like it.

When you are ready to step it up you can join a committee and learn the organization.  By joining a committee it is the first step to taking a possible board role.

Keynotes and Education-A Format That Engages Attendees

  • Conference agenda includes fresh content and interesting topics to help attendees feel value for their time attending the event.
  • Round Table discussions provide an opportunity where attendees can share best practices with peers in their field.
  • Different presentation style-TedTalk like formats keeps things interesting in educational sessions.
  • Networking is an important part of the conference offering. HCEA has three member types, Healthcare companies, associations, industry partners and all like to meet each other at this event. 

Exhibit Floor Experience-How to Add Value

  • Exhibitors are integrated into the educational and professional development format
  • One exhibitor offered free headshots for online attendee profiles.
  • A new Tech Hub area where volunteers talk for 15 minutes in a campfire environment. Topics included how to use Twitter, set up your LinkedIn profile for your career and engage and increase ROI on the show floor.

Having a Great Support Staff-Makes a Big Difference

  • HCEA is supported by an association management company, MCI USA for the past two years.
  • Customer Service is important and accessibility and response time helps ensure overall satisfaction.
  • Staff also works on other groups and can transfer ideas from other associations
  • The staff recognizes that attendees at HCEA like to have a good time-try to make sure there are fun evening activity.

Association Trends-Managing Change

  • Membership is on the decline for most associations so there are other non-dues revenue sales
  • Online learning getting information to stakeholder
  • Member Engagement-the more engaged-more likely

Staying Balanced-Strategies for the Road

  • Take breaks, even if only for a few minutes to re-charge.
  • Stay connected with home while away makes things easier.
  • As a leader of a team, or group making sure everyone understands they are there to help each other reduces stress.

If you have a question about anything you heard on this episode, reach out to me, I love hearing from you! And if you want to check out the entire HCEA series or other podcasts go to


Healthcare Exhibitor and Convention Association

Association Management Company MCI USA

HCEA Executive Director Amy Lotz on LinkedIn


Big thanks to Christy Haussler and Team Podcast for editing this episode!