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Jul 24, 2017

You have an event, you have the plan, but how can you extend the message to all the people?  It sounds like a new take on an old rhyme but the truth is, it is harder and harder to grab and keep people’s attention.  Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress knew this long ago and has mastered the art of connection.  In this interview we talk about how you can connect early, often and then continue the conversation with your key attendees.  Making content evergreen is not just a concept, it is a practice with Influencer Marketing for events.

5 Ways Influencer Marketing Turns Attendees Into Super Fans

  1. Build Excitement. Before the event, invite speakers to get involved with attendees.  A key note speaker can take over social channels for a day and answer questions interacting in live webinar, on Twitter chats, Facebook Live and other social channels.
  2. Show Sponsors Add To Packages. Create a sponsorship package that allows access to speakers before, during and post event.
  3. Invite Speakers To Participate. You may need to incentivize the speaker to participate, it is worth it.   The value of evergreen engagement gives ROI on your participation.
  4. During the Event: Encourage keynote speaker to do a live Facebook or Webinar to answer questions of a private sponsored group. Attendees want access and this gives them the chance to get their questions answered.
  5. Post Event: Host periodic events when interactions taper off. It can be a quarterly or bi-annual event that helps attendees stay connected in a community to each other and to the key opinion leaders.  For organizers this helps retention and for exhibitors this gives a reason to follow up.

Real world results happen by implementing a plan that attracts, connects and engages early, and after the show.  Dean shares how American Family has doubled and tripled the number of people they engage with from events from using Influencer Marketing.


Dean is a global influencer and expert on LinkedIn.  Here are three things you can do today to improve your online image

3 Online Profile Power Tips

  1. Know Your Thing. Make it easy for anyone to understand what you are passionate about and make goals that tie to what it is you do.  For example if you want to attract new customers to your company-assign a number to it.
  2. Know Your Target. If you looked across the table at your ideal customer-who would that be?  Visualize that person in everything you say and do, online, white papers and social media posts.
  3. Know Where You Want to Go. Communicate your intention of where it is that you want to go.

Favorite Resources:

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