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Jun 26, 2017

Have you wondered how groups on LinkedIn and Facebook can help your events?  Katie Krimitsos, Entrepreneur, Coach and Host of the Biz Women Rock podcast and has a massive community group on Facebook.  She shares everything you need to know about creating a group on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Turn your once a year event into an Evergreen experience by giving attendees a place they can go to share ideas, best practices and get advice in a group.  If you want access to attendees after your event-this is the episode for you!  

11 Power Tips to Starting a LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

  1. Use your corporate or association page as the foundation. Leverage people who already visit the corporate page and invite them to join your group page.
  2. Designate a person to be responsible for the group. Whether you are considering a group on Facebook or LinkedIn both have a very dynamic element.  It is important to include a real person talking to the members.
  3. Allow Members to post questions so you can see what is top-of-mind. Engagement from members allows the group administrator to not be the only one who posts questions
  4. Members posting questions allows real access to each other. Imagine after a conference, if attendees could stay connected to one another and continue learning together
  5. Ask questions people want to answer. Think about getting as many people to engage as possible by giving them a place to share their opinions.
  6. Market Research is a benefit of having a group. Get immediate feedback and use the information of what is important to members to help make your next event even better.
  7. When you share content (whether it is a white paper or blog) think about the person reading it. Start by asking a question like- Do you go through this?  
  8. Engage Members to Respond to Posts. One way to do this is by tagging people in the group if they are mentioned in a question or answer.
  9. Promote the group where your community livesalready.  If you have a corporate page on LinkedIn or Facebook you can use that page to promote information about joining the group.
  10. Ask savvy business people to share ideas and advice.  Invite speakers from your event to join the group and be active so group members feel like they are getting added value from the conference by hearing from speakers.
  11. Incentivize People to Join. If you are an Association or host a User Conference, you can offer discounts on upcoming events only for people inside the group.

 Case Study: How One Conference Uses a Facebook Group to Attract, Connect and Interact With Attendees

Situation- Creating a Community Podfest is a global conference that hosts over 500 Podcasters every year.  The organizers wanted to form a community using Facebook as the platform and created a Facebook group for people who attended the event.

 Challenge- How to Encourage Engagement Once the group was created, the goal was to get people to engage during and after the conference.

Solution-Share Real People Stories and Photos At the closing ceremonies, photos were posted from conference including screen shots of people enjoying themselves, in sessions and networking

Social Sharing Call to Action- During and post event, attendees were invited to join the event group.

Evergreen Engagement Throughout the Year - As speakers were booked, an announcement was sent out to members inside the group.  To gain access, you needed to be a member of the group. 

Key Learnings:

  • Get people excited about the event include during the conference – ask attendees to share an idea in the group – and keep the group as a singular place to connect with other attendees.
  • The group became a place for attendees to share a Facebook live broadcast and post in the group and on their personal page.
  • After the event kept keeping people engaged - use group to ask questions and encourage people to get answers in the group.
  • By having a group, Podfest is able to promote next year's event
  • Establishing Brand ambassadors who actively posted in the group helped engagement
  • Attendees were able to feel a part of the event through the social interaction in the Facebook group

 Starting a LinkedIn or Facebook Group Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Establish a culture right away

Do: Decide what the culture and overall vibe of the group should be

Do: Know when or if you ever allow members to promote their business

Don’t: Allow spam or over self-promotion

Don't: Permit things to happen in the group that challenge the vibes 

If you liked what you heard in this episode, or have a question, reach out to me, I love to hear from you!  And if you have a question for Katie, check out our LinkedIn Group-she is there and happy to answer questions!

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