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May 29, 2017

This episode is celebrating the incredible guests that have been on the podcast and shared so many valuable tips and insights.  I have taken the top pieces of advice from 15 leaders so that you can have it all in one easy to find location.  If you want to hear from any of these experts go to Rock Your Trade Show where you can find all of the podcasts. 

Best of the Best Expert Tips and Advice from 16 Leaders

Karen Chupka, Senior Vice President CES

“You need to be able to answer in 30 seconds or less-how are you solving someone’s problems”. (Episode 001)

John Taylor, Vice President of Public Affairs, LG Electronics

“Before investing in a show, attend first and if you are a smaller exhibitor look at the layout of the hall plan to see how where you would be on the show floor”. (Episode 002)

Jim Harris, Disruptive Innovation Speaker and Author      

“Don’t tell me…show me”-demonstrate how your product works in a unique way.  An example is how Intel at the CES show showed models who were demonstrating their medical wearable technology. (Episode 003)

Christ Krimitsos, host of over 1700 events including Podfest and Producer of “The Messengers” documentary

“You make your event ‘sticky’ by starting your event with a power networking experience that includes a plan for your staff to help attendees interact and feel like they are getting value.” (Episode 004)

Kim Feil, CEO BizHive and six time CMO of fortune 500 brands like OfficeMax, Walgreens and Dr. Pepper 7Up

“Be seen as a leader by acting as a leader with a solid simple vision.  And remember that you will be judged not by what you do but by how you do it.” (Episode 005)

Randy Acker, President and COO of EXHIBITOR Media Group

“Trust is so important: Buyers don’t buy a piece of equipment off the internet-face-to-face marketing is based on trust and the trade show floor gives the opportunity to have these meetings. (Episode 006)

Jodi Devlin, Vice President, General Manager Acute Care at Mallinckrodt

“Invest in yourself: Join an organization that has networking opportunities and practice networking”. (Episode 007)

Robyn Sayles, CEO and Founder of Launching Your Success

“Describe Your Personal Brand in under 3 seconds by answering:  Who are you? How do you add value? Demonstrate how you are different. Stay true to your personality and practice in front of a mirror so words flow effortlessly”. (Episode 008)

Leah Woomer, Director of Marketing at Parchmont

“Networking can help you meet others who are as passionate as you are about the event industry and when you find your people, it can feel magical”.  (Episode 009) 

Natalie Benamou, Division Vice President Exhibitus and Podcast Host Rock Your Trade Show

“Boosting attending engagement is a five step process: Identify your ideal customer avatar, determine what is most important to each customer avatar, create a story, include an unexpected experience and have a call to action.” (Episode 010)

NeKeta Argrow, Event Marketing Architect

“Increase your visibility within your organization by getting involved in industry related associations and find speaking opportunities.” (Episode 011)

Corinne Renteria, has had a career at Fortune 500 medical device companies in many diverse marketing roles

“If you want to create an atypical position within your organization, talk with your boss and find out if there are any options to modify your role with a flexible schedule.” (Episode 012)

Tara Lynn Foster, Leadership Development Speaker, Consultant and Coach

“Confidence resides with a solid foundation and understanding ‘Who Am I? What do I want? Why do I want it’ knowing the answer to these questions empowers you to make the right decision.” (Episode 013)

Natalie Benamou, Division Vice President at Exhibitus and Podcast Host

While there were many great time saving tips, the app I use most and recommend is (Episode 014)

Stacy McManus, Director of Corporate Alliances & Exhibition Operations at the American Thoracic Society

“Listen to feedback from exhibitors.  ATS has an exhibitor meeting that includes all sizes of exhibits and categories who meet with association leadership to share feedback at the show.” (Episode 015)

Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP Ariba

“The most prepared and most highly skilled team is always going to win the game, they are always going to win the championship.” (Episode 016)

Natalie Benamou, Division Vice President at Exhibitus and Podcast Host

“Creating a personal advisory board is like building a house; you need a foundation, pillars and a roof and you can’t skip a step to achieving the desired result.  Foundation is based on Joining, Volunteering & Engaging.  Pillars are based on Connections, Confidence, Investing in Yourself and Being a Servant Leader. The Roof is creating your advisory board from the connections you made during the building process.  The peak is joining a mastermind. (Episode 017)

Cathy Skala, Vice President of Transformational Change, Baxter

“Ask the right question before presenting your ideas to leadership: What do you need to know in order to make this decision?” Follow this up with “I asked each of you what is important for you to make this decision.  Here is what I heard…” (Episode 018)

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