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Apr 24, 2017

Have you ever felt frantic in the morning trying to leave for work?  It is easy to feel overwhelmed especially if you have a lot to orchestrate before you arrive at work.  In this latest episode find out how you can take control of your day, maximize your efficiency, improve communications with your team and even use a free virtual assistant to stay focused.  Want to save 20 minutes a day?  Check out these killer tips below:

Productivity and Time Management Tips 

Daily Habits:

  1. Wake up early: It is easy to set the alarm for 4:30-or 5:00 AM but if you aren’t going to bed earlier enough the desire to hit the snooze button overtakes the habit of getting up early. Instead try planning out your evening and getting to bed early enough so you can rise without fatigue.
  2. Create a daily routine: If you do the same thing every day and it is predictable, the chances of you sticking with it increase significantly.  Looking at highly successful people they tend to do the same things early in the morning.
  3. Resist looking at your mobile Device: After looking at several days of checking mobile devices vs. starting the day without the phone-20 minutes of time was gained by just this one tip.  Try it out for a week and see how much time you get back!

Time Management and Goal Setting Journals

30 Day Push Challenge and Smart Push Life Journal: The two websites have been combined and you can find all the tips at Smart Push Life Journal.  Discover the best tips on taking control of your goals using the SMART goal system and get organized in your day.

The Freedom Journal: This is the perfect journal to set a 100 day goal and achieve it. Each day helps you focus on key priorities.  Included are the day ahead and a look back at the day.  Goals are evaluated in 10 day sprints to stay on track with your objectives.

The Mastery Journal:  If you have trouble staying focused throughout the day, this is the perfect journal to help you learn how to set a goal and use blocks of time to help you achieve success.

To Do Lists and File Organization Apps

Evernote: Think of this as the ultimate virtual filing system where you can access folders virtually any time.

Awesome Note is a filing system that allows you to prioritize To Do Lists and also create files, send notes that you take and more.  Also available on Google Play.

Team Communication

Asana –Helps you track details with your team while working from your phone.  You can see the big picture of a project and progress.

Trello-From hiring to managing projects this platform works on desktop and your mobile device.

Event Planning Team tracking this is one you should definitely check out.

Apps for Event Planners

Planning Pod – If you feel like you have too many apps, emails and files in different places this is the app to help event planners with over 24 event management tools.

Blossom – If you want to track the progress of an event during all the stages this is a tool to try out.  It is for the supplier side and even allows client approval visibility during a project.

Budget Planning

Super Planner – Stay on track with every aspect of the event from food, capacity, budget, staffing and catering.


ScannerPro – Not only can you keep track of receipts and papers like hotel summaries but it also converts them into a PDF so you can send them right away.

Tripit- Create a master itinerary for every trip.

Lead Management Apps

Note-you need to purchase the lead kit if you go outside of the event show kit.

iCapture – This platform has made over 60 million lead captures and works on iPhone, iPad or Android device.  Use multiple devices, scan anywhere, and cut your scanner rental costs.

Zuant –This system allows you to capture leads when you are not online.  It syncs as soon as you go back online and includes data on performance like how many leads in an hour.  You can create customized questionnaires and don’t need to download software.

On Spot Social – If you have field reps this works with an iPad and is really easy to use both online and offline. 

 Social Media Tools and Scheduling Apps

Canva–This is the easiest tool to create any size graphic from business cards to social profile, header for blog post or Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.  In seconds you can upload your image, create a custom size or use a standard size and post the image.

Flipogram – Easy way to create a video from photos, and include music, text and even a logo.  If you have wanted to try posting video this is the app for you.

Hootsuite – If you plan to promote your event on social media this is a great tool to schedule your posts.  In addition, it works really well to create lists of people to follow so when your event is live, you can tag the influencers on the list.   

Meet Edgar – If you want to schedule your content in an evergreen format this is the platform to use.  It takes time to set up but once you have it going, the scheduling happens automatically.


Corporate Event App

Spotme – Do your meetings and events have a large number of staff attending? Create your own show app that is specific to your company. 

 Event Registration

Boomset – This app uses QR scanning to check attendees in.  In addition, show and event organizers can print badges and wristbands with this technology.

Bizzabo – Manage contacts, emails, event website and networking online with this app.

Heytell –Stay in touch with your team in an instant message way by turning your phone into a walkie-talkie.  Faster than texting, this App helps you stay connected.

 Virtual Assistant

BRiN is a virtual coach designed to “help you achieve your dream of building a highly successful business.” It is available for iOS and Android devices.

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