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Apr 17, 2017

Tara Lynn Foster is a leadership development speaker, consultant and coach. After twenty years as a marketing software consultant for clients including American Express and Royal Caribbean and as an executive with Bank of America, Tara turned in her badge. She shares the story of how she made a 3 day decision that was 5 years in the making.

After thinking through her options, Tara determined that she couldn’t be the wife, mom and friend she wanted to be any longer in her current career role and knew that she needed to make a change.  Tara found her passion and purpose as a speaker and in this episode you will hear how to discover and communicate what makes you great. This is the interview for anyone who feels stuck, wants to communicate better and advance your career.  Here are the highlights from the interview and what you can implement today.

4 Ways You Can Discover and Communicate What Makes You Great

  1. Leverage Your Core Values: It starts with finding out what is really important to you. Once you are clear on what is important it helps make all decisions easier.

Ask Yourself these three questions:

  • Who am I? Once you know this you can ask for what you want and feel confident about it; stand your ground diplomatically-because you know what is important and make a career decision based on your values knowing what is right for you.
  • What do I want? Having the answers to these questions you will have clarity-is the money more important right now or is time for my family more important.
  • Why do I want it? When you identify the why it brings everything together.

Confidence resides with a solid foundation of understanding these three values. When you are on the treadmill of your career you can lose sight of your values and asking yourself the three questions really can help you stay on track. As an opportunity comes up or if you have a negotiation situation knowing the answer to these questions empowers you to make the right decision.

2. Connect With People More Effectively: People often struggle with making meaningful connections both personally and in business. After you have a foundation like knowing your values, and turning that into a personal brand statement you can move to the most important step-finding out what is important to the person you are talking with in a conversation. 

Ask yourself-how well do you know your audience, how do you want them to feel?

When you find out what the other person is looking for your response can be: “I understand how you feel, I have felt that way myself and I found that…” (fill in the blank). Just like you have your three questions answered for your values, you know need to know more about your audience or people you are meeting: Who they are, what they want and why they want it.

At trade shows-Sales Reps only have a few seconds to interact with an attending. Help them prepare by asking the reps to think ahead of what it is they want the attendee to feel, what they want the person to walk away with and what did they find about their interaction the rep and your company.

3. Have a Purpose and a Play Book: If you are going to a networking event or trade show, first decide why you are attending. Prepare in advance things you want to say that will resonate with the attendees at the event. This will help you be ready and not feel pressure to think on your feed.

How to prepare before a meeting, conference or presentation comes down to preparation.  It helps to know what kinds of things are they want to hear-this can be done by researching the event and then going to meet and greets before an event. By preparing in advance, you remove the pressure to think on your feet. Create either physical note cards or use an app like Awesome Note to have information about the audience before you go to the conference. Add to the cards right after the event to help with your follow up communication. 

4. Plan Networking Goals In Advance: Before you go, decide what you hope to gain from the event and set goals prior to attending. To make it easier to plan before you go and create a positive impression break it into three easy to remember words: Space, Sticker and Speech.

Own Your Space-even if you are nervous, physically your body will show – check out the book by Amy Cuddy Presence how you hold yourself changes chemicals in the brain. Take up as much space you can-think Wonder Woman for at least 2 minutes.

Have A Sticker-you can instantly change someone’s opinion of you.  Tara shares how she has 13.1 on a bumper sticker on her mini-van. People have pre-disposed idea about you. In Tara’s case, they have a different idea when she drives through an intersection see the mini van, and then see her sticker. What do you want people to know about you coming and going?

Know Your Speech-Your Personal Brand Statement- Do you want to talk about your position or your passion? Compare: I am a project manager vs. I make order out of chaos as a project manager at xyz company. 

Favorite Books:  Tara shared two books: Daring Greatly helps you take risk even if you are afraid.  The second book The Confidence Code helps you take bigger risks with each risk you area able to take.

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