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Apr 10, 2017

One of the top challenges women face in their careers is trying to figure out how to balance having a career and a family.  There are many different options, and it can be hard to know which path to take and when.  Corinne Renteria has had a career working for fortune 500 medical device companies in product management and global marketing roles.  After having her first son, she knew the travel schedule was no longer a fit and she needed to make a decision about her work-life balance and fortunately in her case she had great mentors who helped her find a solution.

 If you are wondering about work-life balance and how to create an “a-typical” career role this is the interview you won’t want to miss! An added bonus is Corinne also shares some really helpful ideas about how to work at a company with multiple divisions and how marketing roles have evolved into a more independent remote model.   And if you want to find more like-minded people just like you…join the Rock Your Trade Show LinkedIn group.

 4 Real Solutions For Your Career and Work- Life Balance

  1. Changing roles from corporate employee to contractor takes planning. If you are looking for a more flexible work option that doesn’t involve travel, one possibility is to be a consultant.
    • Ask your current company if they work with consultants and would they be open to exploring this option
    • Evaluate how you want to charge by the hour or by the project. Do some homework on how other consultants charge and what their work week looks like.
    • One part of being a consultant is you have to be “on” all the time-you are being paid for your time and expertise.
  2. Talk with your boss-and ask if there any options to modify your role with a flexible schedule. Some companies offer working remotely as an option which makes a difference if you are juggling school activities and hours in the office. 
  3. Not all Job Share Options are Equal. Initially sharing a role may sound like a great option but depending on the level of the position, it can be hard to divide responsibilities. If you can create a 20-30 hour week option it may be easier than splitting a job with another colleague.
  4. Make time for yourself. Even if it is carving out 10 minute time blocks, remember you are better to others when you have the chance to recharge.  For some this can be working out, for others it is meditating or taking a walk.  Find what works and stick to it.

In addition to sharing insights about work life balance, Corinne also gave power tips for people who work in large multi-division companies.  

Multi-Division Marketing Program Tips

  • Understand your core value and the business value of each division. Each division is different from products to culture.  Have a clear idea of how your organization fits within the larger corporation.
  • Know where your division falls in the hierarchy of the decision making process. Knowing how the top leaders of each division work together and who has the most influence over budgets.
  • Be willing to negotiate and also to settle to achieve the common good. Finding solutions together is the best way to make progress and achieve success.
  • Meet once a quarter if possible in person face-to-face. There is no substitute for creating strong bonds in person.

If you want to learn more about Corinne, you can find her on LinkedIn at Corinne Renteria.  And if you liked this episode please share it with a friend or colleague.

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