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Apr 3, 2017

Have you ever wanted to have your event program stand out in your organization? For some marketers being seen as a strategic part of an organization isn’t always easy. Finding the right person who can help you stand out and give you strategies to implement is sometimes all you need. This week’s Rock Your Trade Show interview is with NeKeta Argrow and she shares tips that will help you increase your visibility within your organization.

NeKeta Argrow is an Event Marketing Architect who started in the technology industry handling their road show program at Microsoft and then made a pivot into the Healthcare Industry leading a team at a large medical device company. Her journey has had many key milestones including joining the HCEA Healthcare Convention & Exhibitor Association) board for three years. She leveraged that experience into becoming a speaker which has elevated her visibility as an industry expert.

8 Ways To Increase Your Visibility and Add Value To Your Trade Show Program

  1. Look for internal opportunities.NeKeta described how she was working for Microsoft doing their road shows and discovered a larger opportunity to be responsible for their launch program. Staying connecting internally will help you find new options for you to explore.
  2. Develop a rapport and network with stakeholders.One of the best ways to know what is important to the different areas that touch events is to meet with them regularly. Invite the marketing lead, or procurement director to coffee or lunch. Gaining insights into what is important to them will help you take things to a new level.
  3. Align areas to work together.It is really beneficial to implement a meeting timeline that brings all of the departments together involved in a specific event. By taking the lead in joining together the key stakeholders, you will elevate your visibility and credibility within the organization.
  4. Be patient, building trust can take time.Getting everyone on the same page and working together takes time. Set milestones for yourself that are attainable and work with realistic expectations on achieving results.
  5. Increase visibility by getting involved in industry related associations.Sometimes you have to go outside your organization to increase your value internally. NeKeta started her experience by first going to an event, meeting the organizers and volunteering. Eventually she was asked to serve on the HCEA (Healthcare Convention & Exhibitor Association) board which spanned 3 years. Getting involved in a volunteer role is one of the best and fastest ways to be viewed as a leader.
  6. Look for Speaking Opportunities. If you are like many people, the thought of speaking to an audience makes your heart beat faster and you can feel a cold sweat coming on. It is however, an important skill which will serve you well whether you are addressing an internal conference or a session at an outside event. Take it slow, you don’t have to be the Keynote presenter at your first speaking opportunity. Start by joining a panel like NeKeta did to gain experience.
  7. Find a Sponsor.“Men find sponsors. Women seek mentors”- quote shared by Neketa from ExhibitorLive.  While mentors help you with advice, a sponsor is the person who is going to make all the effort you did in tips 1-7 pay off with new career opportunities. 
  8. Your expertise can be transferred.Many skills are not industry specific and can be applied to new positions like Leading a Team, Managing Complex Programs, Creating ROI, are all areas that you can leverage in a new role.

Whether you are fulfilled in your career or looking for your next great move, we all can benefit from the ideas NeKeta shared in this interview. You can learn more about NeKeta Argrow at her and follow her on twitter @eventmguru.

I am excited that NeKeta has joined the Rock Your Trade Show LinkedIn group. You are invited to join the group and ask her questions about this episode or other ideas in the community!

Credits: Podcast Editor Team Podcast-Thank you Christy Haussler