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Mar 13, 2017

One of the most common questions I hear from listeners is how do you express your personal brand. In this interview, Robyn Sayles  shares incredible insights that you can implement right away.  If you get stuck knowing what to say when people ask-“so tell me what you do” or how  to attract attendees to come into your exhibit or are unsure what you need to do at a networking event, then this episode is  for you!

Robyn is a personal branding expert and Fascinate certified trainer.  She shares key strategies we can all use to attract, connect and engage with people and why it is important to be authentically you at all the time.   

5 Key Insights You Will Learn:

  1. Why it is important to know how you communicate-hint you should take the free fascination assessment test
  2. How to differentiate from your colleagues with these 3 tips to be more effective on the trade show floor.
  3. 3 Ways to engage with attendees to have better conversations.
  4. How to express your personal brand in 9 seconds or less.
  5. 4 Result driven strategies to help you make the best connections.

Robyn was inspired by Sally Hogshead who developed a scientific method called the Fascination Advantage to communicate personal branding in her book How the world sees you.   Robyn shares how Hogshead discovered why we become irrationally obsessed with certain brands and an algorithm was developed to accurately determine how each person communicates.

Robyn shares a personal story about how a friend took the fascination test and thought it was incorrect.  She describes how we have preconceived notions of what words represent like Power-and why it might be a barrier if we don’t understand the true meaning.   

Once you understand your communication style, you can translate it to be more effective on the trade show floor.  Here are some ways you can draw people to want to talk with you.

How to Engage Attendees on the Trade Show Floor:

  1. Differentiate your approach: Don’t try to communicate the same way a colleague is doing it. Everyone needs to be distinctive and unique.  For example if you are the creative one-you should take a creative approach when people come to your booth.
  2. We all sell-people are coming to the show to learn about new products at the show. Replace the word sell with the world help-communicate how you are helpful.
  3. People walking the show floor want to learn something-don’t be afraid to ask an engaging question

In a world where communication is lightning fast you really only have less than 9 seconds to tell someone what you do and so once you have someone to talk with you, your message has to be concise.

Your Personal Brand: Answer These 3 Things to Tell People What You Do

  1. Who are you? Describe what it is you do-for example Robyn says “I help people be fascinating”.
  2. Describe how you add value: What makes the way you approach a situation, challenge and solution unique.
  3. Demonstrate how you are different: Stay true to your personality if you are not wild and wacky, don’t try to portray yourself as that personality. Being authentic is one way you can really stand out.

Power Tip: Practice your personal brand statement in your car or in front of a mirror.  The words need to flow effortlessly.

Remember that in order to be short and concise you need to keep it simple, focused and explain your advantage.  Look at examples of people who tell a story in a really short amount of time.  Movie trailers    and Twitter are good places to get inspired to know what you want to say.

Now that you know what to say, you need to know how to use it effectively.  Sometimes it isn’t always easy to know where to where to start.  Here are 4 tactics you can implement at your next event.

4 Result Driven Networking Strategies to Use at Your Next Event:

  1. Set a goal:  For example “I need to meet these type of people.” 
  2. Make the goal quantifiable: “I need to meet 5 people in this field today.”
  3. Determine your Ideal Customer Avatar: Who do you want to engage with at the event?
  4. Ask for help: There are people at networking events who like to make connections.  This is what I do and I would love to talk with other people in the field.

Power Tip: Look for registration desk-ask them for help introducing you to people you want to meet.

Remember, that regardless of where you are-your personal brand should be consistent in all areas of your life.  The more your personal brand is the same everywhere you are-the more successful you will be.  If you are authentic, it will translate into making people want to hear what you have to say.

Feeling like you need some help?  Robyn shares her favorite book: What to do when it’s your turn-it’s always your turn by Seth Godin.  This book helps you get in touch with your why and take action.

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