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Feb 13, 2017

Create An Unforgettable Attendee Experience

Chris Krimitsos has hosted over 1,700 events and leverages his life experiences to create the ultimate attendee experience at his events and conferences.  Chris Krimitsos is a national expert on the subject matter of Podcasting and content creation.  Chris created the Florida Podcasters Association in August of 2014.  He produced award winning TV shows, "The Bleepin Truth" and "Millionaire Mindset" with clips that are still being purchased and shown around the world. Chris speaks with passion, experience and knowledge as he educates business owners, business professionals and entrepreneurs by arming them with the tools they need to succeed in today’s business landscape.  

If you host a user conference, national sales meeting, speaker program or exhibit at a trade show conference and you want to get more attendee traffic-this episode is for you!

4 Power Tips to Help You Rock Your Next Event:

  1. How to create an evergreen marketing promotion platform for your event
  2. Key strategies to get attendees to visit the exhibits at your National Sales Meeting
  3. Why you need to develop an internal  speaking program
  4. How to take your national sales meeting or user conference  to the next level

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:10 Rock Your Trade Show Introduction

0:20 Podcast Introduction-remember if you would like more information about user conferences and national sales meetings go to

1:00 Key Tips Reviewed: Evergreen content promotion- How to get attendees to visit exhibitors- Speaker strategies and How to take the attendee experience to the next level at your upcoming user conference.

1:55 Chris talks about why he transitioned from broadcasting to hosting events

2:28 How growing up in a Greek family where there were monthly events impressed upon Chris the power of face-to-face experience.

3:17 The difference between a monthly recurring event which Chris

hosts for the Tampa Bay Business Owners and a destination conference like Podfest.  He shares insights into how to schedule speakers, select hotels and special tactics used for each event

5:17 Why Tony Robins’ events are some of the “best run events on the planet” from the music to how Tony Robins controls the crowd- it is a wow experience.

5:39 Chris shares what it was like to have Jairek Robbins as a speaker and how expectations were high considering that Tony Robbins is his Dad.

5:55 Creating a memorable entrance on stage-Chris hid Jairek behind a screen and he was “revealed” to the audience in an unexpected way that attendees talked about after the presentation.  People shared that it was one of their favorite things they remembered about the program.

6:50 Exploring what it is like to be the son of an icon like Tony Robbins?  Chris had high expectations on him-Jairek is an amazing educator and does a great job speaking.

8:20 How to create a memorable experience for the attendee -Chris shares his strategies for pre-event, during and post event.

9:37 How to make your event “sticky”, Chris suggests starting with a power networking experience to help people feel at ease and enjoy themselves immediately.  Making people feel comfortable to meet 300-500 people takes planning.  Volunteers at Podfest for example, are very happy people, warm and inviting.

10:21 Networking breaks are a key strategy to help attendees maximize the value they get out of the event.  Podfest kicks off the event with Speed Networking to help people meet.

12:00 Planning is very important-when there is an event that has 100 panelists, sharing the agenda too far out may have changes.  Instead, Chris recommends releasing the agenda two weeks out so the schedule is finalized.

12:50 One way to help attendees stay connected is handing out pre-printed post cards that attendees can mail to someone that made a difference for them at the conference.

13:10 Attendees are encouraged to make 60 day goals and are sent a postcard 60 days to remind the attendee what the goals were.

13:22 Planning includes feedback sheets and negotiations with AV providers prior to the event.

14:40 Our audience can implement this idea with post cards that sales reps can send out at your next   National Sales Meeting to help the reps stay connected after the meeting.

15:27 Chris discusses how to get attendees to the exhibit area.  If the meeting is small enough, the exhibits can be out in the corridor not in a separate room which helps people visit the area.

16:20 Exhibitors are encouraged to have prizes that are tied into a treasure map-companies can submit questions that they would like attendees to know.  After the attendee visits each booth, they get a sign off on a treasure map.  As soon as all of the spaces are completed they can turn the maps in for a drawing and win one of the prizes like a microphone, drone, or other item that has value.

17:24 Winners are selected throughout the meeting and it drives excitement for both attendees and the exhibitors alike.

18:25 Exhibitors are encouraged to promote the Podfest event and let their customers and list know they will be at the event.  If they do a Facebook live video or other promotion, the exhibiting company can get exposure on social media feed from Podfest as well.

19:11 “Marketing is an event like oxygen”.  You have to constantly be promoting your event.

20:42 Why naming an event with a regional name can hinder attendance.  After removing the word  Florida from Podfest, attendance and registration increased.

22:15 Why companies should consider creating an evergreen 3 episode podcast as a  marketing tool- This single Series Podcast can be used year in and year out.

22:40 It is worth the investment to create an evergreen podcast and Chris hired Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting to crate The Podfest Chronicles that is story driven and a professional series that can live on after the event.

23:43 Find out the benefits of having a big name speaker and also why you should have a speaker program internally so that you can promote your own people.  You need to find talent within your organization and you may be surprised to learn that internal speakers will have a bigger impact on the attendees because they can visualize that these speakers are just like them.

24:57 Three key strategies to reduce fatigue when you are hosting an event: 1. Eat clean. 2. Sleep if possible despite the adrenaline from the event. 3. Finish business and wrap up before taking a few days off. 

25:48 Chris describes how he recharges with his wife Katie Kramitsos, who is also a podcaster of a global show Biz Women Rock.

26:30 One thing to remember when planning an event-don’t over set up a room- it will feel empty.  Set up just under the right number of chairs so that people feel it was a successful event.

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