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“Don’t wait for the perfect moment.  Take the moment and make it perfect.” – Zoey Sayward



Sep 23, 2019

Have you ever paused to think about how face-to-face marketing, when done right, is like a well-orchestrated Broadway show? Julie Harrison shares how she started her career in the performing arts in musical theater and even worked for The Disney Company before transitioning into healthcare as a Meetings and Convention Planner.  Find out in this live interview how she uses her creative skills to deliver experiences today at HCP events, Symposia and on the trade show floor. 

Julie and I met up at the HCEAConnect conference and like her colleague Kristen Leikwold, she also works with Dawn Will.  This is the second of a three - part series about being part of an incredible team and the last interview is with Dawn Will who shares her secrets to leadership.  It turned out for Julie, who worked with Dawn in a previous role at Pfizer, that maintaining connections opened doors to her current role.

Listen and learn how being a newcomer to a meeting like HCEAConnect can benefit you if you are in healthcare marketing. 

4 Ways HCEAConnect Creates Opportunities

  1. Making Connections-at HCEAConnect, meeting with every industry type, corporate, association and suppliers is very beneficial.
  2. Learning New Ideas-and having a way to apply what you learn can impact your trade show program.
  3. Building Teams- Regeneron sent a group of 8 people from a team of 10 to experience the conference together. Julie shared how it was great to be able to experience the information with colleagues.
  4. Meeting Face-to-Face- Instead of relying on emails and other ways to connect, seeing people in person really helps create shared experiences that establish bonds beyond the event.

Julie’s advice: There is always a plan B.  When the scanners didn’t work at a recent trade show, the sales reps collected business cards so that they could follow up.

 If you are wondering how to get involved with an organization and aren’t sure where to start-reach out to me I am here to help and I love hearing from you!


Credits-Thanks to Christy Haussler from Team Podcastfor editing this episode.