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Feb 25, 2018

Are you looking to learn about the latest trends in the trade show event industry?  In this special ExhibitorLive episode, Nancy Drapeau, Senior Research Director at Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) shares how her organization conducts objective research to provide trade show state of the industry and trends.  CEIR is a not for profit organization and offers over 100 reports including the CEIR index which includes 14 business sectors.  Listen and hear how they provide key insights on the value of face-to-face marketing for industry stakeholders including exhibitors, attendees, associations, organizers, and suppliers.  If you want know where the industry is going this interview is just for you!

8 Trade Show Industry Trends and Insights

  1. CEIR Industry Index: There is a correlation with how well the trade show industry is doing with the GDP and currently the industry is growing at a more moderate.
  2. Trade Shows Continue to Deliver: Companies still see the value for the chance to have face-to-face interactions.
  3. Marketing Spend Decisions: In 2017 among companies that exhibit, over 40% of marketing budgets are allocated to trade shows.
  4. Digital Channels: 68% of Exhibiting companies use 1 or more digital channels for their trade show strategy.
  5. Marketing Budgets Aren’t Growing: The budget spend on the trade show channel has remained constant even when exhibitors have been asked to do more with less marketing budgets.
  6. Top 2 Reasons Why Companies Exhibit: Sales Lead Generation and Branding remain the top activities why companies exhibit.
  7. New CEIR Engagement Study: Over 900 exhibitor responded to the study which looked at what organizers are offering and what exhibitors offering for engagement.  For example: At a large equipment show, one company created a 3D Excavator and did live demonstrations at the show.
  8. Engagement Gaps between Exhibitors vs. Organizers: Exhibitors see the value in new product showcases because decision makers go to see what is new.  Show organizers don’t always offer a new product showcase as an opportunity exhibitors.

Face-to-Face Marketing: “People do business with People” Nancy Drapeau

 CEIR ExhibitorLive Session R604: Nancy will be speaking session on Thursday, March 1st about how engagement starts before the event: pre-event, onsite and post show and what companies are doing that works. She will be discussion why attendees go and why companies going to trade shows. Session attendees will find out what to stop doing if there activities that aren’t delivering success at exhibiting.  During ExhibitorLive visit CEIR’s exhibit at 404 to find more information and trends.

Resources: and if anyone has a question for Nancy, reach out to her

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Credits: A big thanks as always to Christy Haussler at Team Podcast for editing this episode!